Above:  Creativity Infusion Training, ArtsAPS; Music Composition Workshop, ArtsAPS (APAL Teaching Artist Paula Larke); Creativity Infusion Training, CREATE, Knoxville, TN.

Below: Professional Development Workshop, RiverCenter; Positive/Negative Space Activity, Grady High School, Atlanta; Mandala Workshop, ArtsAPS Conference, Westminster School, Atlanta (Teaching Artist Jeff Mather).

APAL Teaching Artists have provided both discipline-specific and innovatively interdisciplinary workshops at professional development events and conferences in the Atlanta metropolitan area and across the country.  Much of our work with teachers and fellow teaching artists has been conducted on three platforms:  workshops in monthly training sessions and annual conferences of ArtsAPS, a multi-year professional development initiative of the Atlanta Public Schools Office of Fine Arts, with support from Department of Education Arts Education Development and Dissemination Grants (in which APAL was an official partner); presentations of the Creativity Instructional Training, developed by an interdisciplinary team of teaching artists in collaboration with Raymond Veon, Assistant Dean of Arts Education at Utah State University; and Learning Exchanges co-sponsored by Alternate ROOTS, a regional organization devoted to arts and community.  APAL has presented at the National Art Education Association National Convention, in San Diego; RiverCenter in Columbus, GA; the Tennessee Arts Commission's CREATE Conference in Knoxville; and Arts Integrated Resources, the theatre branch of Kaiser Permanente, in Denver, CO.

Serving Atlanta Area Schools and Educators since 2001