Impress Me," Open Letter Photo Essay about school dress codes, SAHS: Personal Narrative and Quilting, SAHS; Student Artwork, Disease Awareness Project, SAHS; Basket-Making, Youth On The Move, McDevitt Center.

Clockwise, from top left: frame from "Guns and Bullying", Gun Violence Video Project, South Atlanta High School of Law and Social Justice; "Dancing with the Elements", Chemistry/Dance Residency, SAHS; Self-Portrait, Digital Image Story, Coan Middle School; Jacob Lawrence Mural, "Chemistry and the Painter," SAHS;  Frame, "War," DIgital Story about Colorism, Taiiana Jones, SAHS: CD Cover, "Hip Hop and the Global Economy," SAHS; Student Artwork, Digital Image Story, Coan MS; Frame from "Battle of Gettysburg," Civil War Drama, Project, Perkerson Elementary School; Culminating Performance, "The Story of the World is My Story," International Community School; Frame from "Dress Me,

APAL's model for arts infusion is built on partnership.  APAL teaching artists and partner teachers identify standards in both the selected subject area and the arts discipline, discuss the particular needs and interests of the students, as well as their own, and brainstorm innovative ways to use the arts and arts instruction to bring the curriculum to life.  Metaphorical thinking is stressed, searching for deeper connections between the curricular subject and the art form.  This might take the shape of understanding how both Renaissance and Modern painters use their understanding of Chemistry to create their own paints, thus shaping their artistic style.  In one project, characters named Virus and Influenza lived in a world where the Biology of HIV was expressed through a drama of teen relationships; in another, the relationships among the elements of the Periodic Table formed the basis for intricate choreography.  Each partnership is unique, each project shaped by the particular confluence of teacher, artist, students, school community, curriculum, current events, and more.

Residencies are generally conducted over ten classroom sessions, and can be conducted with multiple classes at a site.  APAL helps site administrators and partner teachers to identify the optimal subject matter and artistic discipline, as well as the ideal APAL teaching artist for the partnership.

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